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Martini Bob's Best Martinis
While all martinis should be
shaken, not stirred, "Martini
Bob" Perry's list of 160 cock-
tails contains some truly inno-
vative variations, including:
Smoky's Martini: Blend
Quintessential gin, a dash of
dry vermouth and a tablespoon
of scotch whisky, then pour
into a frosted glass. Garnish
with a blue cheese-stuffed
Bloody Mary Tini: Place
Skyy Vodka, A-1 Steak Sauce,
Bloody Mary mix, Bloody Mary
spices and 1/2 of a dill pickle in
a blender. Flash blend the mix-
tare, strain into a frosted glass
rimmed with Bloody Mary
spices, and garnish with pick-
led green bean and lime wheel.
The Q Tini: Named for
007's gadget supplier and con-
stant critic, this is the reverse
of the James Bond. Mix Quin-
tessential gin with a dash of
Three Olives vodka, pour into a
frosted glass and garnish with a
blue cheese-stuffed olive.
The Peanut Butter Cup:
Blend creamy peanut but-
ter, Godiva chocolate liqueur,
vanilla flavored vodka and va-
nilla ice cream. Pour into a
frosted glass and dust with
chocolate sprinkles.