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Why James Bond wanted his martinis shaken and not stirred.

All about James Bond 
JAMES BOND TINI: Three Olives Vodka, Splash of Bombay Gin. Shake well and pour into our Special Martini Glass. Garnish with a Blue Cheese Olive.
MONEYPENNY TINI : A mixture of Quintessential Gin and a Splash of Contreau.
THE "Q" TINI: a mixture of Quintessental gin and a splash of
3 olives vodka and garnish with a blue chesse olive.
THE "M" TINI: A mixture of Quintessential Gin, splash of Cointreau and a splash of Scotch.
CASINO ROYALE: A mixture of Quintessential Gin, Grand Mariner topped off with Champagne.
GOLDFINGER TINI: A mixture of 3 Olives Orange Vodka, Orange Juice and Tuaca..